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20190222 Champs Academy U18 v Sunderland
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20190222 Champs Academy U18 v Sunderland
20190222 Champs Academy U18 v Sunderland
20190222 Champs Academy U18 v Sunderland


The mission of the Academy is to educate and prepare players for excellence in soccer through the implementation of a well define coaching and educational program which provide the holistic development of each individual player.


 We developed an Academy Performance Plan(APP) which highlights all the operating procedures and standards in which the academy strive to achieve throughout the season. These are put into place place so that we can offer a high standard of personal development to each player with the hope of seeing players progress into becoming successful professionals.


Champs Academy is committed to providing each academy player the opportunity to achieve their potential academically, through formal and informal programs. Focus will be on individual need and strategies for development. Promoting a philosophy that strives for excellence is everything we do both on and off the pitch, thus becoming a standard for best in the soccer community.


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